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Frutti Mix

Splash Games

Frutti Mix
  • 2 to 4 players
  • 5 years and +

Smoothies are good and fun to make, but this time it is a competition: will you manage to put all your fruits in the blender first ? Each player receive 3 or 6 fruits (depending on the number of players). At your turn, aim well and fast by being the first player to put all your fruits inside the spinning and tumbling blender! Each time one of your fruit goes outside of the wild blender, you have to catch it and wait your next turn to try to put it back inside., When you think you succeed to put all your fruits, stop the blender and check ! If you succeed, you win. But careful, if you didn’t, you’re out of the game !

Included 1 Battery operated blender (requires 3xAA) 12 plastic fruits
Video of the game
Frutti Mix | Splash Toys
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