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Marble Demons

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Marble Demons
  • 2 to 4 players
  • 5 years and +

The aim is to be the last marble standing into the game !

To start the game, every player picks-up a marble and puts it on the pinball. Then, press the 2 buttons to move the flippers and launch your marble, aiming your opponent’s goals, or the central funnel. Each time a marble comes into your goal (behind your flippers), you lose 1 point. If your score counter reach 3, you’re out of the game. If your marble goes into the central funnel, you’re trapped in jail, and you’re out of the game. The last player remaining in the game is the winner Marble Demons is a Pinball inspired game with light and music !

Included 1 pinball game with ramps 4 funny marbles 1 stickers sheet 1 IM
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