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Smashed Head

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Smashed Head
  • 1 to 4 players
  • 4 years and +

When Ostriches are thirsty, they gather by the Mara River in Kenya to quench their thirst. Meanwhile, they have to hide from roaming crocodiles to avoid being caught by them. Be a crocodile and get ready for the hunt ! Hit the light up Ostriches heads matching your color with the crocodile mallet and score points. You have 3 games modes to choose from : – Single player (red light) : You have 30 seconds to reach the best score you can. – 2 players game (blue and red lights) : The one with the best score is the winner. – 4 players game (blue and red lights) : Same as the 2 players game, but in teams of 2, pass the mallet to your partner as fast as you can !

Included Battery operated base (requires 3xAA batteries) 2 crocodile shaped mallets
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