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Trash Truck

Splash Games

Trash Truck
  • 2 to 4 players
  • 5 years and +

Every day, this trash truck is really happy to collect all trashes from the street. He loves to let the city clean. Let’s help and have great fun by launching trash straight inside the truck dumpster. Who can launch all their items inside the dump truck first?!Get ready! Use your waste bin lid like a catapult! Beware, the trash truck is moving fast by spinning on 2 different axis. To add to the excitement funny city noises come from the truck when it spins (cars horns, circulation sounds, background street music, etc.). Feeling like a champ’ ? Adjust the dump opening to make the game more difficult!

Included Battery operated base with 4 waste bins (requires 3xAA) Detachable truck with adjustable dump opening and free wheels 20 assorted trash items
Video of the game
Détritourne | Splash Toys
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